T1C-JS Guide (v2)

Source Code


The GCL is distributed through a Distribution Service. In order to use the Distribution Service, a valid api-key is needed. The JavaScript library is open source and distributed through:
  • Github repository
  • NPM package

Github Repository

NPM Package

NPM can be used to add the T1C-JS package to your project:
$ npm install trust1connector

Distribution Service API



Important to know that Trust1Connector does NOT have any dependencies on Java Virtual Machine.

Build T1C-JS from source

Webpack is need to build the Javascript library
$ npm install --global webpack
Typings must be installed for typing generation
$ npm i -g typings
For jQuery we need to install from dt source
$ typings install dt~jquery --global --save
$ npm install --global tslint
$ typings install debug --save
Use npm install to download the necessary dependencies
$ npm install
Use gulp test to run the test suite of the project
$ gulp test
To lint the code,
$ gulp tslint
To build the Javascript library, compressed:
$ gulp webpack