Downloading latest Trust1Connector

Downloading Trust1Connector

The T1C JS SDK no longer has a method to download the T1C installer.
Instead, the T1C installer can be downloaded by navigating the client browser to the /v3/downloads/installer endpoint of the Distribution Service (e.g. The Distribution Service will analyse the User-Agent header and automatically initiate the download of an OS-appropriate installer of the latest configured version. The user agent string parsing is considered "best-effort"; as they can vary wildly depending OS and browser software.
Alternatively, you can also initiate the download of a T1C installer with the following endpoints:
    /v3/downloads/installers/{{OS}}: This endpoint allows you to specify the OS for which you wish to obtain an installer. The possible values are win32, win64, unix, macos macosarm.
    /v3/downloads/installers/{{OS}}/versions/{{version}}: This endpoint allows you to download a specific version of a T1C installer for a specific OS.
The automatic user-agent detection does not differentiate between ARM/M1 and Intel Mac devices

Differentiate between MacOS architectures

For MacOS there are currently 2 supported architectures:
    ARM64 (M1, ...)
    Intel x86_64
Currently, browsers etc do not display which architecture you're running. So in order to provide download links to the users you need to provide them with the option to download any of the 2 architectures. The user needs to decide which platform he is running.
From the DS you can get both links with the following URL's (Production DS is used in the example);
# Intel x86_64
# ARM64
After this, you can provide the user with the choice of which one they want to download. Below you can see an example of how Google does this with their Browser, Google Chrome.
Here you can clearly see they provide two versions, with a recommendation on Intel because the majority of the users still run Intel Apple devices

Distribution services

Below you can find a list of Distribuction services available from Trust1Team. If you are integrating with a 3rd party that uses the Trust1Connector you can contact them for information regarding the Distribution services.
DS url
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