Create a New Version of an Application


To provide additional functionality without having to re-do all the previously done work, you can create a new version of an application. You can indicate that the previous version is cloned.


  1. Select an application and view the details. Observe which version you want to use as a baseline. Carefully select that version. For example, select the version v1 of the Music Player application as baseline and expand the Action drop-down menu:

  2. Click the New Version button. A modal window opens and requests that you indicate the new version number. You can also indicate whether the previously selected version is cloned or not:

  3. Ready? Click Create Version


A new version of the application is created. If you have made a clone, it is exactly the same as the cloned version. This means that any contracts that v1 possesses will be requested anew.

By default, in the Application Overview, only the highest version is displayed.

In our example, the new version v2 of the 'Music Player' is now available for further actions:

If your previous application version was in possession of a contract that required approval, a new contract request will be sent to the service owner.

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