Create an Application


As an application developer, your focus is on the applications you want to create and evolve by means of API service contracts. On the Trust1Gateway Marketplace, you can create several applications under an organization. In a next step you will then search for APIs and register service contracts.


  1. Select an organization and open the organization:

  2. When the organization has applications, the list will be displayed. You can create an additional application or continue working with the existing applications.

  3. To create a new application, click on the New Application button. A modal opens & requests you to fill in the application details:

  4. Provide the necessary information in the newly opened modal. The application name and the initial version have to be provided. The logo image and description are optional fields. You can easily upload an image for the logo from your workstation.

  5. Ready? Click the Create Application button.


You will receive a toast message to inform you about the result of your action.

When succesful, the application is created and is added to the list of applications for your organization:

Next Actions

  • Create more applications in this organization via

  • Explore the catalog of APIs to find a relevant service via

    and go through the steps to register one or more service contracts on an application

  • Delete an application by clicking on

How to Use the Applications Overview

When you build and maintain several applications, keep an overview of the situation via My Marketplace.

For a particular organization, the list of applications, their latest version, status and number of contracts are displayed.

Also, the possible actions for the application help you take a next step.

Actions at application level:

Actions at the contract level:

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