Request a Contract


When you have found the API which satisfies your needs, you select it and register a contract with that service within the application you are working on.

For example, you are working in the

My Organization

organization and want to create a contract for the

Music Player

application with the

Mail Service



  1. Click the

    button next to the application of your choice.

  2. Select a particular API and open it to verify and test the service.

  3. Ready to continue with this service? On the API details header, click the Request Contract button:

  4. The following pop-up is displayed to easily register a contract:

    The policies on this service are detailed as well as the available plans to choose from with their plan policies.

    Pay attention to the application and version which is proposed. You may want to adapt this.

  5. Select the plan of your choice from the dropdown. The policies which are included in the plan are listed for information.

  6. Ready? Click Request Contract


A toast message informs you about the result of the action.

In the Contracts tab page you find the status of your contract requests:

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