Explore APIs


Perform intelligent searches or simply browse the catalog of APIs which are made available for your application development.


  1. Go to

  2. The catalog of APIs is displayed. By default, all APIs are listed. You can expand the list of available categories on the left hand side by clicking on


  3. To have a look at the API detailed information, select an API and click on the name. The details page will be displayed:

Next Actions

From the API details page, the user can initiate the following actions:

  • Test the API documentation

  • Request a service contract

  • Return to the API Store

  • Return to My Organizations

API Search Modalities

As the catalog of APIs can grow to an enormous list, several intelligent search methods are available:



Display the list of categories

Hide the list of categories

By default, all categories are selected and all APIs are listed. To narrow down the search, specifiy one or more categories; the selected categories are displayed in white. You will see that the list of APIs follows your specification. To undo your selection, use the Reset button.

The search field

Display the API catalog in a list format

Display the API catalog as tiles in a grid (default)

Explore API Details

The API details page contains a lot of elements, which require some more explanation.

API Service Header

Contains API name, creator, categories, creation date, follower count and description. The version number is indicated.

The action button Request Contract or Create Contract is enabled on the header.


Contains the swagger specification of the API. Look into all defined elements. Test the API.

The API Information is clearly indicated below: Base URL, service version and host

In addition you select which contract/API key to use for testing and optionally add custom headers.

Plans & Policies


If the service owner has provided a ReadMe for his service, you can find it here.

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