Getting Started

Start Page

To access the Trust1Gateway Marketplace application, navigate to the provided URL. If this is your first time visiting you will be seeing a screen similar to this one:
For now, let's have a look first.
The start page provides the following information:
  • The Search API field
  • The list of APIs
  • API categories
  • The option to log in:

When logged in

Upon succesful login, the heading of the application contains the following elements:
  • My Organizations : The list of organizations I am member of
  • The tray of actions I have to follow up:
  • The notification tray:
  • The user settings drop-down including:
    • My profile
    • Join public organizations
    • Administration (if your profile has the necessary permissions)
    • Logout

Select organization

When you are logged in, navigate to My Organizations using the link in the application heading where the organizations you've created or been granted membership to are listed
Select one existing organization, the one you intend to work on.
For the upcoming part of your work session, you will be working in this organization. You will be able to add applications to this organization.
When you want to work in a different organization, return to the My Organizations page and select a different organization.